Video of Eagle Catching a Fish

Below, our guide Ryan caught this slo-mo video of two eagles the other day with guests… sights and sounds of the wilderness up here!  Make sure your sound is on for the catch…

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Travel Update for Highway 17 Stops — and some Moose, Bear, Loon Calls and a Fly-In Landing!

See videos, photos and audio below, but first…

New Travel Info for returning and new guests:

Coming up Highway 17 in Ontario from the border, the Agawa Indian Crafts store and gas station is closed indefinitely. This had been a useful stop for restrooms and gas, as it was a mid-point.

For fuel coming North if you don’t stop in Sault Ste Marie, about 42 miles North (just before Agawa Indian Crafts) is The Voyageurs’ Lodge & Cookhouse, with a general store and gas station open until 8:00 pm.  The next gas stations are not for 100 miles until you reach Wawa (141 miles from Sault Ste Marie), with one Esso station along Highway 17 and a few more if you take the turn-off and head into Wawa. The Wawa stations all close at 9:00 pm.

For a midway rest stop with clean bathroom, Keurig coffee for purchase, and a very scenic short walk along the shore of Lake Superior — stop at Agawa Bay Visitor Center & Campground (at the 1105 kilometer marker).  Located pretty soon after you see the blue sign when entering Lake Superior Provincial Park, it’s 85 miles North of Sault Ste Marie.  When driving South, it’s 56 miles South of Wawa, just beyond the first bridge with the metal overhead structure.  Visitor Center is now open 9am – 8pm. Before Canada Day (July 1st, unless it falls on a Sunday) on weekdays the Visitor Center is only open until 5pm.)

Agawa Bay Visitor Center Sign
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Deck
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Deck
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Exhibits
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Exhibits
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Lobby
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Lobby


— Some of our June Activity up on the Lake…

A swimming Moose, with our guide Ryan out with guests, just recently:

… and Taylor spotted another one just a few days later:

Otter float plane (up to 8 people) arriving for a pick-up into a little headwind:

Midnight Audio (Early June): Spring Peeper frogs “chirping” away, joined by the occasional late-night “group conversations” of seemingly all the Loons around the lake. In person, the calls surround you!

Bear eating grass on the side of the highway to Dubreuilville:

Summer nights are long up here!  Boat coming in about 10:20pm… (though sky is a little darker than photo shows):

Future Blog Posts:

  • Our Shore Lunch, daily serving up fresh Walleye and more.
  • More Details on tips for the drive up through Michigan and Ontario.

We’ve been having a wonderful season so far this year.  Good to see so many familiar and new faces.  Looking forward to those still coming up for a trip this year!
– Andy and Amy

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