4 Weeks Left for Early Rate + New Roof at Sandy Bay!

Winter is on its way to Wabatongushi Lake! Today we woke up to scattered snow over the ground. After all the work we’ve done around the lake, it’ll be a great night to relax in the Trapper’s Lounge and enjoy a fire!

We’re taking more reservations each day, so don’t delay on contacting us for your preferred date and cabin!

Murphy in Trappers
Murphy relaxing in the Trapper’s Lounge at Camp Lochalsh

We’ve been very busy this week. As we mentioned last week, we are renovating the left side cabin at Sandy Bay to rent it out in 2020, allowing for groups up to 10 for both cabins. We poured new footings under the cabin and cross-braced it to level out the floor. After that, it was time to get on the roof! We stripped off two layers of old shingles, removed the chimney, and cut out a hole for the skylight.

Sandy Bay shingles off
Great views of the autumn lake from the Sandy Bay Left Cabin roof

Saturday was a beautiful balmy day to start putting on the new shingles. It was so warm that we were working in T-shirts. On Sunday, which was quite cooler, we finished up shingling and capping the roof just in time before the rain started!

Eric on roof
Eric putting the finishing touches on the roof
Skylight Sandy Bay
Inspecting the new skylight

The cabin still needs interior work done–– we will repair the bedroom walls, install new kitchen and bathroom furnishings, and order new beds. We will also be putting in a larger wood stove to keep you warm on chilly nights!

Stay tuned for drone shots of the new roof!
– Andy & Amy

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5 Weeks left for “Early” booking, Sandy Bay news

2020 Bookings

2020 is going to be busy! — We are filling up fast, so if you have a time that your group wants, get a hold of us now! 5 weeks to go for the “early” discount. After that, 2020 rates apply.

Sandy Bay News

We are still at Camp Lochalsh, pulling and cleaning boats and working on projects. New for 2020, both Sandy Bay cabins will be available for rental. The last few years we’ve only been renting the three bedroom cabin. This fall we started renovations on the two bedroom cabin. By next spring, it wont be recognizable! All new footings, new roof, skylight, all new beds, all new kitchen, all new bathroom and a new wood burning stove! Basically all we are reusing is the shell of the full log cabin. This will allow groups of up to 10 people to stay at Sandy Bay. Very private, with a great view of the lake, Sandy Bay is perfect for those Housekeeping groups that want to get away from everything and everybody. Book it by November 15th to get the “early” rate!

Sandy Bay Cabin from the Air
Sandy Bay Cabins from the Air

Our Fall Kathleen Bay Shore Lunch Site!

Kathleen Shore Lunch Site - Fall 2019
Taylor cooking up some delicious lunch!

Facebook Group & Page

We want to invite all of you to join our Facebook Group, in addition to liking our Page.  The Group allows guests to easily interact with one another, sharing tips and photos.

Young Bull Moose Swimming Video (Again)

As a few of you mentioned that you missed this, here is the video again of the young bull moose swimming in the middle of the lake last week. Our little slice of wilderness up here…

We’ll be posting every Monday morning with more news and progress of Fall updates…
– Andy & Amy

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Fall is here, 2020 Early Rates, Young Moose Swimming

News: 2020 Early Rates Announced (see below) — The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. The lake is deserted with the exception of a few diehard fishermen staying at Camp Lochalsh.  Much of the staff has gone south, back to school or family, and we are down to a skeleton crew at Camp Lochalsh. Our days are spent closing up around the lake and doing maintenance.  Above photo is from a recent Shore Lunch in Kathleen Bay!

– While traveling up the lake yesterday from Camp Lochalsh to the Isle of Jordan, we all encountered a young bull moose swimming across the middle of the lake. Ryan got some good video of him swimming and then later going onshore:

2020 Early Rates & Discounts

We are booking for next summer! In fact, bookings are quite heavy right now. If you have a specific date in mind for 2020, it would be best to get your reservation in soon. Our “early” flyer is online this year. It will not be snail mailed out as in the past. It’s going live today and you need to act quick to get the discount. Deposits must be received prior to November 15th to get the “early” discount!  6 Weeks Left!

Upgrades and Improvements!

This Summer we’ve been busy with upgrades and more big improvements planned this Fall.  We’ll be posting weekly updates about our progress both here at Camp Lochalsh and up the lake too, so stay tuned!

A preview for now…

Some More Changes Are Coming Fall 2019...
Some More Changes Are Coming Fall 2019…

– Andy & Amy

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Cedar Boat Photo Available for Wallpaper / Desktop Background

We had some professional photography done and are glad to share this unique shot!  A few different options to use  as the background  / wallpaper of your PC, Mac, Phone and/or Tablet. Directions for most devices below the image links section…  And if you have any suggestions for other wallpapers you’d like to see, leave them in the comments down below.

[ 9/18/19: Corrected info to show Apple iMacs use 16:9 ratio… ]

Options for Background Images:

  • Best for Windows, or with desktop icons along left. Example:

  • Best for Mac, or with desktop icons along right. Example:
  • You will move and zoom photo as desired.

And two Screen Ratios available:

    • Most newer Monitors
    • Most newer Windows laptops
    • Most iMacs
    • examples: HD types (1080, 720), 1280×720, 1600×900, 1920×1080 and similar

    • Most older Windows laptops
    • Most Mac laptops and some monitors
    • Most older Monitors
    • All Phones (Android and iPhone) – can move and zoom
    • All iPads and most Tablets – can move and zoom
    • examples:  WXGA, WSXGA, 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050 and similar

Direct Image Links – See below first, if needing directions…

Directions for saving and setting your background / wallpaper image…

  • Windows

    • Save Image:  Click desired link above – Right-Click on image – select “Save Image as…” – note destination folder listed – click “OK“.
    • Set Background:  Open File Explorer – goto noted destination folder – locate the image file (starts with “Loch-Island-Lodge-Cedar-Boat-…”) – Right-Click on the filename – select “Set as desktop background“.
      [ For Windows Touch Screen – To do a “Right-Click” : Tap and hold for a couple of seconds, then releasing to see menu options. ]

  • Mac

    • Click desired link above – on image, hold down Control Key and then Click – select “Set Desktop Picture” near bottom of list.

  • Android Phone / Tablet

    • Click desired link above – Tap and Hold on image – select “Download Image“. (Photo goes to your Photo app / Gallery)
    • Return to this page, then…
      1. On home screen, press and hold a blank area on your screen (meaning where no apps are placed), and home screen options will appear.
      2. Select ‘Add Wallpaper‘ and choose whether the wallpaper is intended for ‘Home screen’, ‘Lock Screen’, or ‘Home and Lock Screen.’
      3. From the next set of options, select ‘Photos’
      4. Choose the last photo from the Gallery, and you will be able to crop/zoom and move it as desired.  Do pay attention to how cloud placement might affect top row icons.
      5. Once satisfied, simply click ‘Done‘.

  • iPhone / iPad

    • Click desired link above – Tap and Hold on image – select “Save Image“. (Photo goes to your Photos app / Camera Roll)
    • Return to this page, then…
      1. Go to ‘Settings‘ and select the ‘Wallpaper‘ option
      2. Select ‘Choose a New Wallpaper‘ (text above photos)
      3. Select ‘Camera Roll‘ and choose the photo in the bottom row. You will be able to crop/zoom and move it as desired. Do pay attention to how cloud placement might affect top row icons.
      4. Select ‘Set‘ then choose either ‘Set Lock Screen,’ ‘Set Home Screen’ or ‘Both.’

Additional External Resources if you are having trouble:

We are glad to share a bit of our wilderness with you.  Has been wonderful seeing new and familiar faces so far this season, and some of your visits are still upcoming!  Please leave any feedback or suggestions for future photo ideas in the comments…
– Andy & Amy


Travel Update for Highway 17 Stops — and some Moose, Bear, Loon Calls and a Fly-In Landing!

See videos, photos and audio below, but first…

New Travel Info for returning and new guests:

Coming up Highway 17 in Ontario from the border, the Agawa Indian Crafts store and gas station is closed indefinitely. This had been a useful stop for restrooms and gas, as it was a mid-point.

For fuel coming North if you don’t stop in Sault Ste Marie, about 42 miles North (just before Agawa Indian Crafts) is The Voyageurs’ Lodge & Cookhouse, with a general store and gas station open until 8:00 pm.  The next gas stations are not for 100 miles until you reach Wawa (141 miles from Sault Ste Marie), with one Esso station along Highway 17 and a few more if you take the turn-off and head into Wawa. The Wawa stations all close at 9:00 pm.

For a midway rest stop with clean bathroom, Keurig coffee for purchase, and a very scenic short walk along the shore of Lake Superior — stop at Agawa Bay Visitor Center & Campground (at the 1105 kilometer marker).  Located pretty soon after you see the blue sign when entering Lake Superior Provincial Park, it’s 85 miles North of Sault Ste Marie.  When driving South, it’s 56 miles South of Wawa, just beyond the first bridge with the metal overhead structure.  Visitor Center is now open 9am – 8pm. Before Canada Day (July 1st, unless it falls on a Sunday) on weekdays the Visitor Center is only open until 5pm.)

Agawa Bay Visitor Center Sign
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Beach
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Deck
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Deck
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Exhibits
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Exhibits
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Lobby
Agawa Bay Visitor Center Lobby


— Some of our June Activity up on the Lake…

A swimming Moose, with our guide Ryan out with guests, just recently:

… and Taylor spotted another one just a few days later:

Otter float plane (up to 8 people) arriving for a pick-up into a little headwind:

Midnight Audio (Early June): Spring Peeper frogs “chirping” away, joined by the occasional late-night “group conversations” of seemingly all the Loons around the lake. In person, the calls surround you!

Bear eating grass on the side of the highway to Dubreuilville:

Summer nights are long up here!  Boat coming in about 10:20pm… (though sky is a little darker than photo shows):

Future Blog Posts:

  • Our Shore Lunch, daily serving up fresh Walleye and more.
  • More Details on tips for the drive up through Michigan and Ontario.

We’ve been having a wonderful season so far this year.  Good to see so many familiar and new faces.  Looking forward to those still coming up for a trip this year!
– Andy and Amy

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