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Hello all!

I hope you are all well, riding out this wave of covid and eagerly awaiting warmer weather! In case you were wondering what we have been up to in the absence of doing sport shows, we have found a way to stay busy! In the fall of 2019 we purchased a commercial embroidery machine…


A little Guitar, and we’re Knot kidding!

We’re sending out a song and a story this weekend!

Some of you might remember John Legg, who worked with us back in 2012. John is from London (England, not Ontario!) originally and now lives in Toronto. He’s an amazing guitarist and would often entertain us on Loch Island. His chill vibe was contagious and we still miss him playing guitar on the deck at dinner time. Now John is teaching guitar in Toronto. He sent us a little sample with well wishes during these odd times. Enjoy!  (After the video, continue with reading the story below…)


Summer is just around the corner!

Hello all! Hope you are all staying inside and being safe out there! A number of guests have been inquiring about their trips for this summer. First, it’s premature to know what the summer months will hold. No one knows how long this quarantine will last. If by some chance we are not open during the time you are booked due to Covid19, we will be rescheduling those trips to a later summer date or 2021. All deposits and payments for this year will then be honored for the later booking or 2021. Also, any prior discounts on a trip that is cancelled due to a shutdown from Covid19 will be honored.

On a brighter note, spring has sprung! Very soon, a small part of our staff will be venturing into camp to start varnishing boats and get things opened up. We still have another month of ice on the lake, but that allows us to travel via to work at other locations. We are still planning on opening May 16th with a full staff on hand! Stay tuned for current up to date ice conditions on the lake and pictures!

It looks like we may have an early ice out this season. That being said, the Walleye should be in their “typical” spring spots come opening day! Moose River, Tie River, Moose Bay, Tie Bay and the narrows should be hot!

We are all looking forward to getting back to camp. See you all this summer!


– Andy & Amy