Winter at Wabatongushi #1

A Blog Series By Elorah

Happy New Year from Lochalsh! That’s where I’ve been hiding out in the midst of these unprecedented times. During an ordinary season, I’d leave camp at the end of October, but this year I was given the opportunity to stay through the winter and look after the lodges. Now I’m over two months into this adventure. I know I’ve stirred up curiosity and I know everyone is missing the wilderness, so I’m starting a blog.


A Trip to the Giesler Cedar Strip Boat Workshop!

On Wabatongushi Lake there is a longstanding tradition of running cedar strip boats. Some of our guests have even purchased their own cedar strip boat to use on home waters after experiencing the stability, comfort, and unique style of a Giesler. If you’ve ever wondered where our boats come from and how they’re made by hand, we have it all here!