We offer several options for hiking around Wabatongushi Lake. First and foremost, hiking to outpost lakes is a must for both remote fishing opportunities and just plain fun! Glasgow Lake and Loch Lomand require small hikes down portage trails to get to our boats. Andy Lake requires a more experienced hiker, but the reward is getting to a pike lake that is rarely fished. Going to Coddams Creek for speckled trout also will get you hiking. Once you are there you’ll have to canoe up the creek, portaging several beaver dams along the way.

Our short hiking trail behind Loch Island is a perfect short jaunt for those who want a great view and just enough of a workout to get the heart pumping. The trail takes 20-30 minutes to trek uphill and end on a peak of a Canadian Shield outcropping. It is accessed by boat just across from Loch Island Lodge. You can also tie up your boat at the shore of BG Point and scramble up the rocks for a lookout over the lake.

Manitou Mountain is a short drive south of Camp Lochalsh. The hike up the mountain is steep in some spots and takes about 20 minutes to half an hour one way depending on one’s fitness level and pace. Once on the top of the Mountain, the views over Wabatongushi Lake are spectacular! It is a spiritual site for the Cree and Ojibway peoples of the area and hikers cannot remove anything from it. It is suggested that on this trip a guide accompanies hiking parties.

Mountain Biking

From Camp Lochalsh, there are endless old “two tracks” to explore on your mountain bikes. We have several fat tire bikes available for use at Camp Lochalsh, but do not rent mountain bikes. If you bring your own bike, it is possible to ride the Lochalsh roads or Narrows road and venture to numerous lakes and streams full of walleye, northern pike and speckled trout.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

We have kayaks and stand up paddle boards at Loch Island Lodge. Our paddle boards are a great way to get a work out and explore the lake! We have a fishing kayak with a unique pedal mechanism that allows a rider to pedal and cast at the same time. Steering is achieved through the use of a small joystick like control on the left side of the kayak. We also have canoes at select portage lakes. It’s great fun for all ages!

Kayaks and Paddle Boards at Loch Island
Kayaks and Paddle Boards at Loch Island
Kayaking off Loch Island
Kayaking off Loch Island

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