Wabatongushi Lake Webcams

Camp Lochalsh – Side of Cabin 1

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[ If video shows as unavailable, check back again soon as it will only be down temporarily. ]

Camp Lochalsh – Outside Cabin 5, Looking Northward Up Lake

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[ This camera will be made more reliable soon. If video shows as unavailable, check back again soon as it will only be down temporarily. ]

We know you all miss Wabatongushi Lake, so we’re bringing it to you at home with a webcam!

At Camp Lochalsh, we have the unique benefit of being connected to electricity year-round. This year we also have a winter caretaker. We installed a few live webcams around camp, including one on the side of Cabin 1 so you can see and hear the lake conditions every day, at any time of the day! Keep an eye out for nocturnal animals roaming through camp. We’ve already had a few reports of people seeing things walking around the perimeter of Cabin 1’s new deck!

*Note: We will move the Cabin 1 camera in May for the privacy of guests!


— Andy & Amy

22 thoughts on “Wabatongushi Lake Webcams

  1. Joe Vizzi

    Andy, Thank you very much, that is AWESOME! I appreciate it. Regards, Joe Vizzi. Camp Toledo

  2. David Aichler

    Hi. I just saw your latest features and some upgrades to the camps. I hope to make it up next year. Looking great! Is it aiming somewhat southeast?

  3. Marc Frank

    Andy thank you. We sure did miss coming up this year.

  4. Alan Janik and Dennis Bondy

    What a brilliant idea! Sure glad we were a couple lucky “Canuks” that were able to enjoy the lake and hospitality this year. Fishing was great when we were able to work around the weather! Counting the days until June 5th.

  5. Andy Wilson

    The camera is facing to the west right now, but we can adjust it if necessary. We were trying to keep it out of the direct north winds that pummel Camp Lochalsh during the winter, so it’s protected on the west side of Cabin 1. Looking forward to seeing everyone next summer!

  6. Rick Fingers

    Andy, Great idea. Thanks for thinking of us stuck down here below the border. I definitely missed my time fishing with my sons and visiting you and your crew at Loch Island. Hopefully we will see you again in May…and August.

  7. Alan Janik

    I’m surprised – still not much snow on the ground yet.

  8. Alan Janik

    I’m on the webcam at 11:45 Dec. 15th. I can hear the train. so cool!!

  9. lmakela1

    Looks like a beautiful sunny day today… Thanks for sharing this. Love to see winter on the lake.

  10. Chris Nolan

    Hey Andy, can you do me a favor next year and place an underwater cam at “the special spot” at twin rocks? Hahaha!

  11. Jimmy Cravey

    Andy, Amy I have really enjoyed the camera over the winter. Living in South Georgia we don’t get much snow or cold weather, but have connected most every day to see how Wabatongushi was holding up. Looking forward to another trip maybe next year!

  12. dennis bondy

    I am already missing the Web Cam. Fun to watch how the snow melted and the seasons changed.
    Looking forward to our stay at Camp Lochalsh Jun 12-19.
    With the Canada-US border still closed at Detroit and Sault Ste Marie we now have to drive around Lake Huron in Canada.
    In other words a 560 mile trip up north through Michigan and cross over at SSM to get to Lochalsh is usually about 10 hours.
    Having to drive through Canada all the way from Windsor – will now take us just over 14 hours and about 850 miles.
    See you soon. Hi to Andy and Jamie and Elorah.

  13. Andy Wilson

    Hi Dennis. Yes, that long way around is a pain and hopefully soon, perhaps for your second trip in August, you’ll be able to cross through Michigan and save some time! See you guys on June 26th!

  14. dennis bondy

    Hi Again Andy. Glad you could put the camera back on. Cabin #one guests checked out I presume.
    Nice to be able to look out over the lake and watch the weather changing. I see you got Al’s update.
    There is another party of two coming at the same time in another cabin.
    Now that the pandemic outlook is improving we are coming June 26.
    Still not expecting the border to open before our trip.
    Looking forward to some relaxing “fishing” time and the outdoors.
    We have been locked down way too long.
    Take Care Andy – be safe and save a couple of “Big” walleye for Al.

  15. Chris Nolan

    Hi Andy! Looks like another beautiful spring morning (May 29) on Wabatongushi ! I at least can have my morning coffee and now look out over the water. You could do scheduled updates from there since the cam also has a mic and I’d bet you would get a lot of us watching! Everyone has burned out on NETFLIX. Haha!! I’d bet the fishing will be excellent this summer when things open up again. Chris

  16. Robert Wood

    Hi to the gang! We were lucky Canucks last summer i could not believe the fishing and it is great to look at the webcams as we are rebooking now and are bringing some more friends this year.

  17. Alan Janik

    10:18 am April 29th – Heard the calling of geese and birds over the cam.

  18. Alan Janik

    may 1st 2022 – Sunday morning at 8:18 – listening to the sounds of the train passing by

  19. kevin gath

    Hey open water,,,beautiful,,,,,can’t wait to get up there in july…we have been waiting for 2 years to cross the border,,,fingers crossed:)

  20. kevin gath

    love the new cam location this morning,,,,44 days to go,,,yeah I am counting em.

  21. Alan Janik

    Here it is November 29th and still no solid icing of the lake – weird……..

  22. lmakela1

    Love checking in on the webcams this winter… seeing how much snow is on the ground and hoping to catch wildlife walking by.


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