Otter Island Outposts

Your Private Wilderness Retreat…

Two log cabins, each on their own side of this 4.5-acre island, provide the ultimate solitude. The small cabin accommodates 4 people, and the large cabin 8 people (rollaway cots can also be added to each cabin for no charge). Both can be booked for groups of 10+ guests and are conveniently joined by a trail so you don’t have to boat between their private docks. The cabins have no electricity, but hot and cold running water (we will provide free purified drinking water if you do not bring your own), three-piece bathrooms, full kitchens with gas appliances, wood stoves, and outdoor grills assure modern comfort for your stay. Propane lighting brightens your nightly card games and early morning breakfasts. More amenities than your typical remote fly-in only outpost! (Guests requiring electricity for medical devices should book at Loch Island Lodge, or outposts Camp Lochalsh or Isle of Jordan instead.)

Camp Lochalsh and Loch Island Lodge are only a short boat ride from Otter Island, so you can still enjoy the conveniences of having your fish cleaned and your boat attended to, but retain the feeling of an outpost.

Otter Island is nestled between deep water (60-70 ft.) on the north side and medium depth (20-40 ft.) on the south side. It’s an ideal pike and walleye location during the summer and autumn months.The north side is famous for producing some mammoth Burbot. Not many people are familiar with this prehistoric-looking fish. Most simply take a picture and throw them back. Burbot, often referred to “poor man’s lobster,” are a member of the freshwater cod family and considered delicacies throughout the world.

The Accommodations

Otter Island is well-suited for groups of up to 12 people or two smaller groups. The 2-bedroom cabin is perfect for 2-4 people, while the 3-bedroom cabin can handle 4-8. A small trail connects both cabins, so there is no need to boat around from one to the other. Both cabins have propane grills on their private decks.

Most guests on Otter Island stay under the Housekeeping plan, but many are now choosing to do the Modified American package and commute to Loch Island for meals. It’s only a short boat ride from Otter Island to either Loch Island or Camp Lochalsh.

The Cabins

Each cabin features a 3-piece bathroom with hot and cold running water, full kitchen with propane appliances, box spring beds, sitting and dining areas, propane lighting, an outdoor grill and fire pit, and a private dock.

Otter Island Small Cabin (2 Bedroom)

Otter Island 2 Bedroom Cabin Deck
2 Bedroom Cabin Deck
Otter Island 2 Bedroom Cabin Kitchen / Living
2 Bedroom Cabin Living
Otter Island 2 Bedroom Cabin From Water
2 Bedroom Cabin From Water
Otter Island Small Cabin Kitchen 2
Small Cabin Kitchen
Otter Island Small Cabin Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1
Otter Island Small Cabin Bedroom
Bedroom 2

Otter Island Big Cabin (3 Bedroom)

Otter Island Big Cabin Front 1
Big Cabin Front
Big Cabin Dock
Big Cabin Dock
Otter Island Big Cabin Look Toward Dock
Big Cabin Look Toward Dock and Fire Pit
Otter Island Big Cabin Dining Room
Big Cabin Dining Room
Otter Island Big Cabin Living Room
Big Cabin Living Room
Otter Island Big Cabin Kitchen
Big Cabin Kitchen
Otter Island Big Cabin Bedroom
One of Big Cabin’s 3 Bedrooms

If you are looking for a place to really get away from it all, without sacrificing comfort or convenience, then check out Otter Island. This little piece of heaven is one of our best kept secrets!

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