Morel Hunting

Beginning in mid-May, the forest starts to come alive. For the most part, the snow is gone and the trees have no buds on them, yet below the surface a whole ecosystem is preparing to bloom. Cool nights and warm days mixed in with just enough moisture is the triggering device required to sprout the elusive Black Morel Mushroom!One of the most sought-after and delicate mushrooms in the world, the black morel only produces its fruit (the mushroom) in the spring of the year. Our area is home to many black morels. Every spring, we trek off into the boreal forest in search of these gourmet delicacies.

The morel hunt has been described as one of the most entertaining adventures that we offer. The excitement of pursuing these well-hidden gems is second to none. When you come across one morel, there are always more. You may go for an hour with no luck, then stumble on a whole crop of them in an instant! It is truly a hunt.

Black Morels can be hard to spot. It takes a trained eye and lots of patience! After a little practice, most people can find them on their own. Black Morels are only in season for two to three weeks. The last week of May is a good time to shoot for.

We run mushroom hunts from both Loch Island and Camp Lochalsh. To set up your hunt for this year, call or e-mail us soon!

Suggested Items to bring on a Morel Hunt

  • Older Clothes (you will be on the ground)
  • Spore Bag (to re-seed the area)
  • Bug Spray (it is black fly season!)
  • Water
  • Whistle (to alert others, scare bears)
  • Head Net (for bugs)
  • Camera!!!!
  • Patience and a good eye!!!

If you have any questions or would like to book a trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Morel Hunting Results
Morel Hunting Results
A man picking morel mushrooms at Loch Island Ontario
Plenty of Morel Hunting
A photo of a morel mushroom at Loch Island Ontario
Morel Mania!

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