Shore Lunch, Dining & Amenities

Daily Shore Lunch— Our Signature Experience!

Shore lunch is included in our American Plan package and is one of the meal options for the Modified American Plan package. Housekeeping Plan guests may purchase a shore lunch with a night’s notice, or can request it at the time of their reservation.

Shore lunch is prepared at noon each day out on the lake close to the best fishing spots to save you time and immerse you in the beauty of Wabatongushi Lake. We begin the season at Teepee Island near the Narrows, then move down to Bear Point or Kathleen Bay as the fish migrate. Your shore lunch cook will clean and fry your catch on site and serve it with pan-fried potatoes, brown sugar beans, vegetables, juice, and coffee. There’s nothing like fresh walleye and northern pike straight from the skillet! Take a cookie to go, or enjoy conversation with new friends around the fire.

** If you plan to fish the portage lakes or the northern end of Wabatongushi Lake all day, the kitchen staff can prepare a bagged lunch for you with a night’s notice, but be sure not to miss out on one of the best parts of the Loch Island Lodge or Camp Lochalsh experience!

Shore Lunch on Teepee Island
Shore Lunch Tables
Shore Lunch Being Prepared
Shore Lunch Being Prepared
Shore Lunch Memories Being Made
Memories made for a lifetime
Fresh fish for Shore Lunch on Wabatongushi Lake
Tasty fresh fish pan-fried at Shore Lunch
Shore Lunch Boats
Shore Lunch Boats
Boats at Shore Lunch

Lodge Dining at Loch Island


Loch Island Lodge Dining Room
Loch Island Lodge Dining Room
Loch Island Lodge Dining Room, Tackle Shop & Pool Table
Loch Island Lodge Dining Room, Tackle Shop & Pool Table

Breakfast and Dinners are served on Loch Island from opening day in May (third Saturday) to September 10th. Guests staying at other locations commute to Loch Island for those meals. Our daily shore lunch is served at various locations on the lake throughout the summer. After September 10th, we do serve meals at Camp Lochalsh until early October. All of our outpost cabins have full kitchens for creating your own culinary delights or enjoying a late night fish fry after a productive day of angling.

Please notify us at the time of reservation if you have any allergies or dietary needs so that the kitchen staff can prepare food especially for you. We serve meals containing peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, and pork products, and will gladly make substitute meals for you if necessary. If you are celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, we can make a cake upon request with a day’s notice.

For Modified American Plan guests, a continental breakfast of hot and cold cereals, toast, pastries, yogurt, fruit, coffee, and tea is set out from 6 AM to 11 AM, allowing you time to sleep in or start early. We do place complimentary coffee makers and coffee in the Loch Island cabins, but everyone is welcome to stop in for a morning coffee on the deck!

The American Plan hot breakfast is served in the dining room at 7 AM so you can get an early start. The rotating weekly menu typically includes pancakes, fruit crepes, waffles, scrambled eggs, omelettes, quiche, eggs to order, bacon, sausages, toast, and fresh fruit. You are also welcome to the continental breakfast if you wish to sleep in.

Dinner is served at 5 PM in the Loch Island Lodge dining room or on the Loch Island Lodge deck (pending weather and table capacity). Entrees on our typical weekly rotation may include, but are not limited to, roast chicken, lasagna, ribs, stuffed pork chops, meatloaf, steaks, roast beef, prime rib, and a full turkey dinner. Fresh salads, baked potatoes, pasta, rice, and mixed vegetables make delightful summer sides. Our cook’s homemade cakes, pies, pastries, and trifle round out the meal.

Tour Video of Loch Island Lodge (with Dining Area)

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