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Cedar Strip Boats–– A Wabatongushi Lake Tradition

18 foot Cedar Strip Boats at Dock
Cedar Strip Boats at Dock

Camp Lochalsh and Loch Island Lodge have provided guests with beautiful cedar strip boats for decades. Today’s 18′ boats are still handmade in Ontario and are much more stable and pleasant than aluminum boats, as they are heavier and absorb the movement of choppy waves well. Many lodges and resorts across Canada loyally prefer these boats for their guests. They are easy to operate and can comfortably fit 3 adults per boat (maximum capacity 5 people). Each boat is equipped with:

  • Unlimited gas for the duration of your trip
  • Electric start 15 hp Evinrude or Mercury four stroke outboards
  • Padded Swivel seats
  • Landing net, stringer
  • All necessary safety equipment (life jackets, rope, paddle, bailing bucket, whistle, light)

We can equip your boat with a fish finder or trolling motor free of charge with advance notice, or you are welcome to bring your own.

The outpost lakes are outfitted with aluminium boats or canoes. The dockhands will assist you in preparing and transporting a trolling motor and gas tank for use when necessary.

Please note that we do not allow guests to bring in their own power-driven boats. You are welcome to bring in canoes and kayaks. We ask that you thoroughly wash with soap and water any non motorized watercraft prior to bringing it to the lake. Thank you for your co-operation!


Live bait is available at camp (night crawlers, minnows, sucker minnows and leeches), subject to availability. If you have a specific bait order beyond general quantities of the bait listed above, please inform us at least one week before your arrival so we can order it from our supplier. Live bait is included in the American Plan package. Modified American Plan — and Housekeeping Plan guests may purchase bait at Loch Island Lodge or Camp Lochalsh.

Dock Service

Dock staff are on hand at Loch Island to ensure that your gas tanks are full, and that you have the bait you need. Our dock staff will greet you and service your boat each time you return to camp so that you are always ready for the open water!

Cleaning, packaging, and freezing of your catch for take-home is also provided, free of charge, no matter what plan you are on.

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are available for sale at Loch Island, or can be quickly and conveniently purchased directly from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at

Ontario requires operators of powered watercraft to have a pleasure craft operators card. We provide all guests who will be operating a boat with a boating safety checklist that outlines all regulations and basic safety points that is accepted in place of the Ontario certificate. If you have an operators card from a state or other province, Ontario will honor that certificate.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are happy to help!

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