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Moose inhabit the boreal forests and swamps of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. If you are driving in, you may see moose on Highway 17 and the logging roads from Dubreuilville. They eat inland vegetation as well as aquatic plants, so you can spot them wandering out of the trees for afternoon grazing. They also swim to escape the mosquitoes and black flies and predators like bears and wolves. Moose are solitary animals who ordinarily only meet and fight in the autumn mating season, but you might be lucky enough to see a mother and her calf feeding in ditches or swamps around Camp Lochalsh in the spring. Moose are calm and and graceful unless they are frightened; they can then become aggressive. Moose are plentiful in the game preserve and in the spring (May and June) many Cow moose can be seen grazing along the shoreline of our lake with calves. They feed off bottom vegetation and venture into the water to escape bugs and predators such as Black Bear and Timber Wolves.

Black Bear

Black Bear have always roamed our area in abundance. The bear population has remained consistent in the game preserve for many years. They are omnivores and feed on just about anything they can get a hold of. In the spring time, they have been known to visit our shore lunch site on Tee Pee Island where they receive a less than welcoming response to their arrival. During the summer months they gorge themselves on plentiful berries which grow all over. Black bear can be seem all over the shoreline of the lake, anytime of the summer. Many times guests have seen them tearing up old stumps feeding on ants and other bugs. Some Black Bear will take down and feed on calf moose during the spring.

Timber Wolves

Generally elusive, but certainly plentiful in the game preserve, Timber Wolves are omnivore as well. They will eat just about anything they can, from calf moose in the spring to Bull and Cow moose in the fall when they pack up. In the winter, Timber Wolves routinely take down Moose, but they will also survive on smaller prey. They will take whatever they can for food. Throughout the year, they can be heard on calm days and nights howling from as far away as several miles. Many guests have seen Timber Wolves cruising the shoreline of Wabatongushi Lake searching for food.

A Peaceful Escape

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