Where We Are Located / How To Get Here

Our fishing and hunting lodges are located 200 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on Wabatongushi Lake.  Or about 40 miles northeast of Wawa, Ontario. The lake is set in the southwest portion of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, which at almost 2 million acres is the worlds largest.

Camp Lochalsh sits at the far south end of the lake, while Loch Island Lodge is five miles north. Otter Island and Sandy Bay are approximately a mile boat ride north of Camp Lochalsh. Isle of Jordan is near the “narrows” of the lake, seven miles north of Loch Island Lodge by boat.

Please note that private boats are not permitted at our camps. Non-resident camping is prohibited by law on Wabatongushi Lake.

Getting there is half the fun!

Commercial Flight Options To Start Your Adventure

If you are not within driving distance, you can get major airline flights to either of these airports, and rent a vehicle to start your trip.  From these airports, it’s a 3-4 hour drive North, depending on which transportation option listed below that you choose to get to us.

Our lodges and outposts are accessible by float plane, rail, or logging road!

When you choose to visit Camp Lochalsh or Loch Island Lodge, the fun will start before you get there!

Fly-In and Train-In locations and links provided below. For Drive-In guests, we will provide detailed directions as Google and GPS won’t get you all the way here!

Northern Ontario Location…

Travel Option Way Points… (click points for details)

Fly-In and Train-In Locations provided. For Drive-In guests, we will provide detailed directions as Google won’t get you all the way here!

How to Get Here – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Get Here by Plane - Fly-In Fishing Vacation via Ryan Air
Fly-In via Hawk Air


Float Plane guests drive to the rail town of Hawk Junction, Ontario (Google Map Link), just east of Wawa, and board a genuine bush plane piloted by a legendary Canadian bush pilot for a breathtakingly scenic 20-minute ride directly to our dock.

Imagine looking out from the plane’s window and seeing Moose, Bear, and even Wolves making their way through the wilderness!

2018 Hawk Air Round Trip Rates to Loch Island Lodge (CDN Funds):

  • Cessna 180 (two people) — $650.88 (CDN, round trip with HST)
  • Beaver (three to four people) — $976.32 (CDN, round trip with HST)
  • Otter (five to eight people) — $1627.20 (CDN, round trip with HST)

Weight limit of 100 lbs per person.

– We will take care of the reservations and billing with Hawk Air.

Click here to visit the Hawk Air website and check them out.

Lodging and dining options along your drive included in our pre-trip checklist (along with other trip information), that we will send to you upon booking.


Drive to VIA Rail Station in White River, Ontario (Google Map Link) or Missanabie, Ontario (Google Map Link) and board one of the last flag stop railways in North America! The Canadian Pacific Railway’s “Budd” car services the CPR line from Sudbury to White River. The Budd car runs East (starting in White River) on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It runs West (from Sudbury) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Budd car does not run on Monday!

Passengers choosing to take this unique form of transportation to visit us disembark at the “Lochalsh” stop. Lochalsh is about an hour and forty minutes from White River. You can purchase your tickets on the train or online at: VIA Rail website If you would rather drive to the town of Missanabie, your train ride is only twenty minutes.

We will meet your party at the Lochalsh station when you arrive. From the tracks, it is a short van ride (1/4 mile) to Camp Lochalsh.  From there we’ll boat you to Loch Island Lodge or our other outposts.

Lodging and dining options along your drive included in our pre-trip checklist (along with other information), that we will send to you upon booking.

CPR Rates and Schedule (CDN Funds):

From White River: [Runs East on: Wed / Fri / Sun ]

  • Leaves White River: 7:00 A.M. — $49.72 (CDN, round trip includes HST)
  • Arrives at Lochalsh:  8:40 A.M.

From Sudbury (Missanabie): [Runs West on: Tues / Thurs / Sat ]

  • Leaves Sudbury: 9:00 A.M. — $192.10 (CDN, round trip includes HST)
  • Leaves Missanabie: 3:10 P.M. — $45.20 (CDN, round trip includes HST)
  • Arrives at Lochalsh: 3:30 P.M.

Train-In on Budd Car Canadian Pacific Railway Dropoff at Lochalsh
Train-In on Budd Car

Get Here By Auto


If you choose to “go as far as you can” by road, your journey will take you through the French Canadian lumber town of Dubreuilville, Ontario (Google Map Link). On from there, Camp Lochalsh guests can drive all the way into camp, with detailed directions provided by us. The trip into Camp Lochalsh will wind through gravel roads, past working and abandoned gold mines and down the last 6 miles of “two track” directly to Camp Lochalsh.

Loch Island Lodge and other outpost guests, with detailed directions provided by us, will traverse a private 20 mile gravel logging road through the Chapeau Crown Game Preserve to the “narrows” of the lake. From there we will be waiting to transport you via boat the remaining 7 miles down the lake to Loch Island Lodge.

Google Maps and GPS will not get you to the right places, so we provide detailed directions to both points, along with our pre-trip checklist, with everything you may need for your trip. Listed are lodging and dining options along your driving routes, including in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the town of Wawa, Ontario (with the closest lodging to us) – and White River (ON) to the West.

If you have any questions or would like to book a trip contact us.

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