Loch Island Lodge

Your Wilderness Vacation Awaits You…

Loch Island Lodge From Mainland
Loch Island From Mainland

Centrally located on the southern half of Wabatongushi Lake, this 2.5-acre island is the perfect location for your wilderness vacation.

The island lies directly in front of the only outflow of water from Wabatongushi Lake, which runs south past a small stop log dam and spills though a rapids into Glasgow lake, about a half-mile from Loch Island.

The island generates its own electricity 24 hours a day, with a full time staff ready to attend to any needs you may have.

A walkway connects Loch Island to a smaller, secluded island. Here you’ll find a fire pit for nighttime bonfires and the perfect spot for star gazing. It also faces north, giving you a front row seat for observing the Northern Lights!

Loch Island offers something for all— whether your interests are fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, or just relaxing. With its exceptional service and deluxe accommodations, it will continue to provide pleasant wilderness vacation memories for years to come.

The Cabins

Loch Island’s three large 3-bedroom cabins, 6-person duplex, and spacious 2-bedroom unit offer all the comforts of home. Each cabin is constructed of full logs and features 24/7 electricity, easy access to dining, fishing supplies, games and fun at the lodge, and quick access to your own fishing boat at the docks.

Our 3-Bedroom Cabins

The 3-bedroom cabins on Loch Island can sleep 4-6 guests very comfortably. Each contains 6 twin beds, a full kitchen, 3-piece bath, a sink in every bedroom, and a wood-burning stove.

Cabin 1
Loch Island Cabin #1 - Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Loch Island Cabin #1
Cabin 2
Loch Island Cabin #2 - Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Loch Island Cabin #2
Cabin 3
Loch Island Cabin #3 - Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Loch Island Cabin #3


The Duplex Cabin

(Cabins 4 and 5)

The duplex cabin offers one of our most spectacular views of the lake and is ideal for families or other groups traveling together. The duplex features a common deck on which to gather and recount the day’s adventures.

Both sides include full kitchens, 4-piece baths, a double bed plus two twin beds, and propane heat.

Loch Island Cabin #4 & 5 Duplex - Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Loch Island Duplex Cabin

Cabin 6 – “The Honeymoon Cabin”

The “honeymoon” cabin on Loch Island is a large cabin that sleeps four (4) very comfortably. It has two (2) bedrooms, a full kitchen, a 4-piece bath, and features a wood-burning stove with a great view of the lake.

Cabin 6 Exterior
Loch Island Cabin #6 - Exterior, Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Loch Island Cabin #6 – Exterior
Cabin 6 Front Bedroom
Loch Island Cabin #6 - Front Bedroom, Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Cabin #6 – Front Bedroom
Cabin 6 Kitchen
Loch Island Cabin #6 - Kitchen, Wabatongushi Lake, Ontario
Cabin #6 – Kitchen

The Lodge

A central lodge with satellite television, pool table, tackle and gift shop, Wireless Internet access and dining room is located on the high point of the island. It features a large gathering deck with spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding wilderness. Loch Island is the perfect place to unwind after a full day of exploring or fishing this vast, unspoiled area.

Loch Island Lodge Deck, Ontario Fishing
Loch Island Lodge Deck

Dining & Cabin Service Options

Loch Island offers three dining and service plans, so you can pick the service level you’d like for meals and cabin cleaning during your stay. We offer Deluxe American, Modified American, and Housekeeping plans.

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