Beginning of the 2024 Season! And New & Bigger Dining Room!

Hey everyone!

It’s been about two weeks since opening day and we couldn’t be happier to have guests back on the island and at the outpost locations! Guests have been catching plenty of fish including pike, walleye, small mouth bass, and perch. The guests have also spotted moose in Patterson Bay along with a mama bear and her two cubs. Before opening we made the long journey from camp down to Powassan Ontario to pick up three new cedar strip boats! The drive was about 9 hours one way, and we spent the night in North Bay. On the way back we spotted a bull moose on the side of highway 519 on the way to Dubreuilville.

Our boats are 100% Canadian, made from wood harvested in British Colombia and manufactured in Ontario. These authentic boats are 18 feet long and powered by 15 and 20 HP motors. Our dockhands work hard to prepare the boats for the season. All boats must be sanded and varnished each year, to meet our high standards of operation. Currently, we have around 30 boats in our fleet, all of which we try to ensure are at maximum efficiency, with all necessary safety and fishing equipment, such as nets and depth finders.

How the boats are made
Getting boats back to the lake!

Our big project over the fall and winter has been our renovation/addition to the dining room on the island. It has now doubled in size, as well as new varnished wood tables, and plenty of windows for a great view of the lake. We also added a new bathroom at the back that has a larger doorframe, so it is wheelchair friendly! Along with these improvements, the deck has been extended and wraps around the end of the dining room, adding another spot with a great view of the northern lights up here.

New, bigger dining room at Loch Island
New, bigger dining room at Loch Island
New deck on end of dining room

Speaking of, the northern lights were out and on display three weeks ago, below we attached two pictures one of our staff members took (however, they are much better in person!).  We are still working on finishing touches, like painting the new portion of the deck, but we will have it done soon! We can’t wait for everyone to come and see the new dining area, enjoy the lake view, and catch fish.

Northern Lights May 2024
Northern Lights May 2024
Early season Pike

We look forward to seeing some familiar faces this season, as well as new friends to come!
— Vera and all the Staff

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4 thoughts on “Beginning of the 2024 Season! And New & Bigger Dining Room!

  1. Dennis Bondy

    Hi Vera – Thanks for the pictures and the update. New Dining Room and Deck look fantastic.
    I hope the weather and fishing are good when we get up there.
    Looking forward to our week on the island end of June.

  2. John Marshall

    Had dinner in the NEW dining room last week and “it” was SPECTACULAR!! The “it” refers to a truly AWSOME meal prepared by the Lodge’s master chef, the WONDERFUL service provided by the OUTSTANDING lodge staff and the GREAT view out the windows of the large sliding doors that look out on the new deck and the bay. What a great place to finish a day of fishing on Lake Wabatongushi.

  3. Bob Marshall

    You should also mention your chef…. Our experience was that she is outstanding. Great meals in that wonderful new dining room.

  4. KEVIN



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