Mystery Spot March 20th!

Spring is coming quickly! It’s already the end of March and it’s only two months from opening day! Our Mystery spot from March 1st was BG Point looking towards Bear Point. To test your knowledge once again, here is another mystery spot. This one should be pretty easy. Congratulations to Leo Lavoie for guessing the last mystery spot correct on the first day!

Mystery Spot March 20th, 2023
Mystery Spot March 20th, 2023

And don’t forget our monthly photo contests… the first of each month one winner will win some Loch Island Lodge apparel. Photos submitted between drawings each month can make you a winner. So keep submitting each month now and through the season!! If you give us permission to use photos for our website and promotions, just email your favorite shots from the lake to:

Let us know your Mystery Spot guesses below or on our social media!
— Andy and Amy


This Week’s Mystery Spot! (March 1st, 2023)

It’s officially March!!! The beginning of spring is here! You wouldn’t know it right now up at the lake, but soon spring will arrive and slowly the ice and snow will start melting. This weeks mystery spot photo was taken last summer on a beautiful July afternoon. It was one of those days where you just want to get out on the water, turn the engine off and drift along looking at the shoreline and listening to the loons. There wasn’t much wind to speak of, so instead I decided to take a little hike along the shore. We are so fortunate to be able to work and live in such a gorgeous environment for the summer. As for last weeks Mystery Spot, that photo was taken last fall, just north of Napoleon River looking northeast towards the little narrows! Congratulations to Leo Lavoie and Mark O for getting it right! It was a bit tougher than normal, good job!

Mystery Spot March 1st, 2023

Our first monthly photo contest winner has been drawn! Congratulations to Steve Miracle! Steve was randomly chosen using our very sophisticated, computerized drawing procedure. Steve has won a high quality, embroidered Loch Island T-shirt!

Steve Miracle’s Winning Photo

Thank you to everyone that contributed photo’s! Don’t be surprised if you see one or more of those pictures used on our website, brochures or sport show booth at some time in the future! We are continuing the photo contest every month, so go through those pictures and send in as many as you want for a chance to win free apparel! Send your photos to:

— Andy & Amy

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Mystery Spot for the week!

Good morning all! It’s time again for another Mystery Spot for the week! Congratulations to those who correctly guessed the Mystery Spot two weeks ago, it was Otter Island off the three bedroom cabin. Congratulations to Mike Rorabeck and Ron Deplae for getting it correct first! It’s crazy how trees can grow right around rocks like that. Nature is indeed a sight to behold.

Last week we were up at camp, working at Camp Lochalsh, so we missed the Mystery Spot for the week, but got a lot done! This week’s spot is a bit more difficult, so put your thinking caps on for this one. Here it is:

Mystery Spot for February 22, 2023


Photo Contests!!

And keep in mind we are having our monthly photo contest still… with your permission for us to reuse your photos, send us your fish, wildlife and trip photos via email at: and we will randomly pick a winner each month for some great Loch Island apparel. Our next drawing is March 1st, 2023, so send us your photos this month and/or any month this season… before, during or after your trip(s)! We look forward to seeing all the great memories you have had at the lake!

Thank you and let us know if you have a mystery spot guess below, or on our social media!
— Andy & Amy

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Regular Mystery Spot is Back! …and Monthly Photo Contests!

It’s that time of year when we are all hunkered down inside, spring is just around the corner and thoughts turn to summer at Wabatongushi Lake! We thought, given the cold spell that just went through, it would be a good time to revive our mystery spot series! See if you can name the spot below and if you get it right, we’ll give you a shout out and a pat on the back for your keen knowledge of the lake! Leave you guesses in the comments below….

This week’s Mystery Spot:

Announcing Monthly Photo Contest!

We’re looking for good photos of the lake! If you have any from the last few years, fish, landscapes, people, wildlife, etc., forward them to us! As an incentive, give us permission to use those photos and we’ll enter you in a monthly drawing to win free Loch Island clothing! Our first give away will be on March 1st, so send those photos in now! Send your contest photos every month for potential use on our site and social media to — … Can’t wait to see the great photos of your upcoming and past trips to the lake.

We are already in February… Spring opening is near!
— Andy & Amy

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