This Week’s Mystery Spot! (March 1st, 2023)

It’s officially March!!! The beginning of spring is here! You wouldn’t know it right now up at the lake, but soon spring will arrive and slowly the ice and snow will start melting. This weeks mystery spot photo was taken last summer on a beautiful July afternoon. It was one of those days where you just want to get out on the water, turn the engine off and drift along looking at the shoreline and listening to the loons. There wasn’t much wind to speak of, so instead I decided to take a little hike along the shore. We are so fortunate to be able to work and live in such a gorgeous environment for the summer. As for last weeks Mystery Spot, that photo was taken last fall, just north of Napoleon River looking northeast towards the little narrows! Congratulations to Leo Lavoie and Mark O for getting it right! It was a bit tougher than normal, good job!

Mystery Spot March 1st, 2023

Our first monthly photo contest winner has been drawn! Congratulations to Steve Miracle! Steve was randomly chosen using our very sophisticated, computerized drawing procedure. Steve has won a high quality, embroidered Loch Island T-shirt!

Steve Miracle’s Winning Photo

Thank you to everyone that contributed photo’s! Don’t be surprised if you see one or more of those pictures used on our website, brochures or sport show booth at some time in the future! We are continuing the photo contest every month, so go through those pictures and send in as many as you want for a chance to win free apparel! Send your photos to:

— Andy & Amy

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Mystery Spot! (March 1st, 2023)

  1. Mark O

    I have to agree with Terry in that it’s the old shore lunch location in Kathleen’s Bay. Had my first shore lunch there in 1996 and Norm was the person who cooked the lunch. He was a great guide.

    • Andy Wilson

      Hi Mark! Nope, not Kathleen Bay. Kathleen is a great spot though and Norm was a super guide!

  2. Mark O

    I also agree with Terry, Kathleen’s Bay at the old shore lunch location. I had my first shore lunch at this spot in 1996 and I believe Norm was the person cooking the shore lunch at that time if my memory is correct.

  3. Terry Kasten

    Kathleen Bay at the Old shore lunch location. I think there is still a picnic table there

  4. Don Dickison

    Preacher’s Bay.

    • Andy Wilson

      Nope, not Poachers Bay!

  5. Leo Lavoie

    Hello the March mystery spot is along shoreline west of Loch Island looking toward Bear Point.


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