Mystery Spot for the week!

Good morning all! It’s time again for another Mystery Spot for the week! Congratulations to those who correctly guessed the Mystery Spot two weeks ago, it was Otter Island off the three bedroom cabin. Congratulations to Mike Rorabeck and Ron Deplae for getting it correct first! It’s crazy how trees can grow right around rocks like that. Nature is indeed a sight to behold.

Last week we were up at camp, working at Camp Lochalsh, so we missed the Mystery Spot for the week, but got a lot done! This week’s spot is a bit more difficult, so put your thinking caps on for this one. Here it is:

Mystery Spot for February 22, 2023


Photo Contests!!

And keep in mind we are having our monthly photo contest still… with your permission for us to reuse your photos, send us your fish, wildlife and trip photos via email at: and we will randomly pick a winner each month for some great Loch Island apparel. Our next drawing is March 1st, 2023, so send us your photos this month and/or any month this season… before, during or after your trip(s)! We look forward to seeing all the great memories you have had at the lake!

Thank you and let us know if you have a mystery spot guess below, or on our social media!
— Andy & Amy

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Spot for the week!

  1. Andy Wilson

    You are correct! You’re the second person to guess it right, congratulations!

  2. Mark O

    Just after the narrows (north of the bridge ) as you turn right to head NNE.

  3. Greg Somervell

    South of Moose bay and across the bay from narrows.

    • Andy Wilson

      Sorry Greg! That is not correct!

  4. Andy Wilson

    Sorry Aaron, that is not correct! Try again.

  5. Aaron m Malkiewicz

    Heading northwest into Moose Bay!!! Good times! Aaron M.😁


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