Mystery Spot March 20th!

Spring is coming quickly! It’s already the end of March and it’s only two months from opening day! Our Mystery spot from March 1st was BG Point looking towards Bear Point. To test your knowledge once again, here is another mystery spot. This one should be pretty easy. Congratulations to Leo Lavoie for guessing the last mystery spot correct on the first day!

Mystery Spot March 20th, 2023
Mystery Spot March 20th, 2023

And don’t forget our monthly photo contests… the first of each month one winner will win some Loch Island Lodge apparel. Photos submitted between drawings each month can make you a winner. So keep submitting each month now and through the season!! If you give us permission to use photos for our website and promotions, just email your favorite shots from the lake to:

Let us know your Mystery Spot guesses below or on our social media!
— Andy and Amy

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