March Photo Contest Winner! Winter Work At The Lake!

Congratulations to March’s photo contest winner Scott Borg! Scott was randomly chosen out of many fine entries. We really appreciate all the great photo’s people have been sending in! Keep them coming! We will still be drawing for the next couple months at least! To win some Loch Island apparel, with your permission to have us use your photos in promotional materials, to enter just email your great shots to:

Soon we’ll be heading up to begin opening. We were up last week hauling building supplies in to Camp Lochalsh via snowmobile. In the winter, we can stay at Lochalsh while working around the lake. It is only accessible via snowmobile or Canadian Pacific Railway. The lake is still covered in thick ice right now, but very soon it will start melting and hopefully by early May it will all be gone!

Hauling a load of plywood and lumber via snowmobile the last 6 miles into Camp Lochalsh last week

Our “ice road” to Loch Island from Camp Lochalsh (snowmobile) last week

We’ll be on the lake soon…
— Andy & Amy

One thought on “March Photo Contest Winner! Winter Work At The Lake!

  1. Doug Basberg

    Thanks. So nice to see what is going on. See you in the summer. So much easier than now (LOL).


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