Border News, 2022 Checklist and Spring Opening

Spring has arrived at Wabatongushi Lake! With opening week behind us and summer on its way, we are thrilled to see these northern waters fished again.


If you have not already found it or received our email with the new checklist, we have a new page with links for the most recent border crossing info – as well as the downloadable 2022 Checklist (with new directions to Camp Lochalsh). If you require any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us! The previous route to Camp Lochalsh is still available but we highly recommend following our alternate directions due to increased gold mining activity.

NEW Checklist Page: 2022 Checklist and current Canada Border Services Agency border info website links:

Telephone: Our radio telephone on Loch Island (705-234-2592) is becoming less and less reliable at times, so we would like to add a few contact numbers, just in case you can’t reach us at Loch Island’s phone.

Amy cell: 248.202.1132  / Andy cell: 906.440.1973


Getting Ready

It’s always a challenge to prepare for our May opening. This winter had excessive snowfall, and it was clear that by the first week of May, the roads to camp were still not passable except by snowmobile. I (Elorah) had to pick up Andy with my snowmobile to bring him in as the snow was still too deep for the ATV. Andy, Roger, and myself then drove to Powassan, Ontario for the annual cedar strip boat pick-up at Giesler, and packed the truck with camp supplies in the Sault. We had to open the Lochalsh road with the backhoe in order to take the truck in to Camp Lochalsh on May 4th! Even in the following days, there were snowbanks and deep mud puddles on the road–– but the weather quickly turned.

Plowing our way in on May 4th


Loading up brand new cedar strip boats– only three this time!


In certain shaded spots at Camp Lochalsh, snow remained in drifts several feet deep! We had to dig out the water lines from the snow to hook up the system. While we waited for the ice to leave the lake, we welcomed in new staff and began to sand and varnish the boats and open up cabins. As we have not had a large-scale camp opening in two years, it was reassuring to finally know that we were preparing for guests–– but also nerve-wracking, as we never know exactly what the brutal winter weather has done to the lodges and outpost cabins between the last ice fishing trip check-up and the ice break-up. The ice melted faster than expected due to high temperatures and intense rainfall; we sent boats to Loch Island within days, without having to navigate around or plow the boats through drifting ice chunks we’d seen in past years.

It’s snow much fun digging out the water line


The Season Opens

Opening day was May 21. It was so exciting to welcome guests again. We did have a surprise short snowfall one afternoon, but weather has since stayed pleasantly moderate.

We have been out hunting morel mushrooms, with some success–– the weather isn’t quite right yet! Other flora and fauna are out. We have been seeing, and hearing reports of, a number of black bears along the gravel roads into camp. The moose are also out, around the roads and the lake (check out the video below!). The foxes are sadly no longer receiving snacks at my winter residence, but are roaming Camp Lochalsh. Bald eagles are out patrolling the shores of Wabatongushi.

Give me a snack or I take the ATV


As always, the lake has many beautiful natural sights. The leaves are out in full force now, lightening up the shores with bright green new life. We have already seen the northern lights out late at night near Loch Island.


Shore lunch is one of the best times to be out on the lake, with views and fresh fried fish that can’t be beaten!


Views from the Water

Here are some video highlights to enjoy! Glasgow Lake and Loch Lomond have already shown themselves to be great catch and release spots for smallmouth bass, and Wabatongushi Lake still offers a number of surprises!

We do still have cabins available throughout this summer. Call or email us today to book!

A Big Smallmouth Bass on Outpost Lake

Moose Swimming in Wabatongushi Lake

We all look forward to see you up here on the lake this season!
— Andy and Amy

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  1. Russell

    I’ll be there July 2!!!

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    Coming in two weeks. Very excited


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