Water Bomber Filling Up – May 2018

While running down the lake in late May last year, I noticed a hazy smoke off to the west of Camp Lochalsh. While rounding Bear Point, off to the north I noticed a large yellow airplane banking my way. It was an MNR water bomber! After stopping the boat to make sure I was not in his path, I got some pretty close footage of the crew working their magic scooping water out of the lake to drop on the small fire down the CPR tracks west of Lochalsh. These pilots are the first line of defense for extinguishing remote fires in the bush. Without them and the incredible flying they do, much of the north would succumb to wildfires that would devastate everything in their path.

The Canadair CL-415, also known as a “super scooper”, grabs 1621 gallons of water in this short pass….  they were working for about an hour…

We’ll all be up on the lake fishing again soon enough! And come by the booth at the two sport shows still coming up in a few weeks (Novi, MI starting Feb 28th and Grand Rapids, MI starting Mar 14th)…  We’d love to see you!
– Andy

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One thought on “Water Bomber Filling Up – May 2018

  1. richard russell

    the day we came to camp they were doing that we watched them. I was thinking to myself I wonder how many fish get scooped up. From the narrows to the time we arrived at camp they had come in for water 4 times. its an amazing site.


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