July Update – Fish, Video, Boats and More

We have been having a great couple months now and the fish are biting.  Wanted to share a few guest fish pictures and let you know some of the news around here.  In early June we were honored to host the guys from The New Fly Fisher TV program.  Expect the full episode soon, but down below we have a short preview of their adventure.  Also the Outdoor Life article is now available to read online [Click Here or Image Below].

Outdoor Life Magazine April / May Issue - Anglers On A Train
Click to Read Outdoor Life Article

News around the island includes a new Georgian Bay cedar boat from Giesler and Sons, that we are using for guest pickups.

Video of some Brook Trout Fishing…

First up, Mark Melnyk from The New Fly Fisher (with our guide Ryan) catching some Brook Trout and more, on our outpost lakes and Wabatongushi.  You can check out the show’s website here and we will also let you know when the full episode is being broadcast and available online.  Towards the end is a highlight of Taylor cooking up fresh fish at our unique shore lunch offering. You can reach us by train, float plane or drive “as far as you can” for your wilderness vacation.

Some Good Fish This Year So Far…

There have been bigger ones caught (and released) so far this year, but here are some photos that you all have shared with us this season…  ( you can email us photos at:  info@lochisland.com )  This first one of Maryann Schutte is blurry as it’s a photo of the back display on a camera…

Maryann Schutte with a nice 40 inch Pike - June 22, 2018 (photo of camera screen)
Maryann Schutte with a nice 40 inch Pike – June 22, 2018 (photo of camera screen)
Shane Evans with Pike on Patterson Bay June 7, 2018
Shane Evans with Pike on Patterson Bay June 7, 2018
Dennis Bouwkamp 31" Walleye June 27, 2018
Dennis Bouwkamp 31″ Walleye June 27, 2018
Ron Johanknecht Walleye 29" July 11, 2018
Ron Johanknecht Walleye 29″ July 11, 2018
Adam Greiner 29" Walleye June 29, 2018
Adam Greiner 29″ Walleye June 29, 2018

Ling Cod!

Bob Ramsdell with a nice Ling Cod June 20, 2018
Bob Ramsdell with a nice Ling Cod June 20, 2018

If you have photos you’d like to share from your trips (past or future), just send them onto us at:  info@lochisland.com

New boats…

New boats enroute
New boats added to the fleet

and the Georgian Bay in service…

Georgian Bay added to the fleet for guest pickups

Some fun on the water….

Paddle board at Loch Island Lodge

We look forward to seeing those of you who will be visiting us yet this summer. Still have some openings available, and we are already booking for next year as well, so contact us if you have any questions!

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We’re Featured in Outdoor Life Magazine Spring 2018 Issue

[Update: Article available online now here]

Wabatongushi by train! It was great to host the Outdoor Life Magazine guys last June at Loch Island Lodge on their fishing adventures via rail. Author Dave Karczynski and friends only had four days to hit the water, but had no problem in getting plenty of fish and some nice ones at that. With them was Brian Bergeson from Rip Lips Musky Fly company. Brian’s flies are well known and worked their magic on Wabatongushi without a doubt. Besides getting a monster 41” Pike and lots of nice Speckled Trout, they also hit the morel mushroom season right on target. You can check out their article in Spring 2018 Outdoor Life which is on news stands now (or via print / digital subscription…info below). Dave has a truly masterful way of describing their adventures on and off the lakes.

Here is a snippet of Dave Karczynski’s take on fishing for Northern Pike on Wabatongushi Lake:

There’s a moment unique to pike and muskie fishing—the sudden heave of water when a fish of mammoth proportions pushes through the shallows. You know something is coming, and you know that this something is big. What’s unclear, at least to a certain vestigial reptilian part of the brain, is whether the beast is coming after your fly or you. In this case, it happens on my second cast to a grassy peninsula where the shallow water quickly drops to deep. “Big!” I yell as I set the hook again and again, holding on and not giving an inch as the fish digs and rolls. It tapes out at 41 inches, my biggest pike ever. Returning to the lodge, I’m met with all the fanfare of a dragon slayer, beginning with beer and culminating in a trip to the bait house, where with a nub of chalk I add my name and the date to the Loch Island Lodge pike fishing hall of fame.

And here is a little about their experience fishing for Speckled Trout on one our many outpost lakes:

Then we start to get our eyes. Past the oars, just beyond the visible, the shadows of brook trout dart about in the sunlit depths, crushing minnows. We go to sinking lines and weighted Muddlers, and start catching them in rapid succession. They’re all beautiful fish, and all more or less the same size and shape— plump bordering on corpulent. One of them coughs up a heap of scuds, which explains their fatness and promises a particularly succulent lunch: Few fish are as sweet as those finished on crustaceans. We fish for a few hours, and after catching dozens of fish, we retire to a shady island to build our lunch fire.

Be sure to read Dave’s complete “Anglers On A Train” article by finding the Outdoor Life Spring 2018 magazine at your local bookstore / news stand now. For other great online articles, and to subscribe to print or iPad/iPhone editions, visit Outdoor Life website at: https://www.outdoorlife.com  Also available digitally on Amazon Kindle apps and devices.

[Update: Article now available online here]

Outdoor Life Spring 2018 Issue
Outdoor Life Spring 2018 Issue

[Update: Article available online now here]

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