Fall has arrived in full force!

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are bright yellow, mornings are crisp with frost, and the loons are starting to lose their summer plumage. Fall has arrived on Wabatongushi Lake and winter is right on its tail.

Ordinarily, October is when we reflect on the season, savoring all of the smiling faces, new and old, that have come through our little slice of heaven. Unfortunately, this year we were not able to see most of you.

With business down 95% due to the US border closure, very few guests were able to experience the yearly dose of sanity that the lake provides. To many, Wabatongushi Lake is spiritual. Nature has a way of healing the soul through the calm, simple act of casting bait off the side of a cedar strip boat, in a tranquil bay with no sounds but the wind and a lone loon wailing in the distance. Months of stress are dissolved in days. “Forest bathing” has been known for eons and can improve mood, lower heart rates and blood pressure, and boost the immune system. During these challenging times, we could all use some forest bathing in the boreal woods of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve.

With all that being said, it’s a relief that 2020 is almost over! We’re so grateful for our loyal guests who have supported us this summer, understanding our unprecedented situation and rebooking for future fishing fun. We will get through this with your help and support, and we’ve been working on our facilities all summer to make the lodges even more enjoyable for years to come.

Thank you everyone!

It’s now hunting season. Grouse are plentiful and quite tasty fried up with a side of sweet and sour sauce! The archery moose hunt just wrapped up, with the rifle hunt coming soon.

Nicholls Crew Archery Moose Hunt 2020
The Nicholls crew after a very successful archery moose hunt!
Taylor Grouse Hunting 2020
Taylor out grouse hunting with Ryan. Grouse has been amazing this year!
Taylor out grouse hunting with Ryan. Grouse has been amazing this year!
Taylor out grouse hunting with Ryan. Grouse has been amazing this year!

One of the many improvements around Camp Lochalsh included having some tree work done…

Couple more tree videos on our Instagram page here!  If you click the small arrow on the right, the 2nd video has a more exciting “ride” for the arborist in the tree!

Stay tuned for more on all we have been doing around the lake this last season! Also, watch for guest bloggers coming soon!

— Andy & Amy

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5 thoughts on “Fall has arrived in full force!

  1. Andy Wilson

    Thank you all, we look forward to seeing everyone next spring!

  2. Don Dickison

    We were so sad that we didn’t get our trip in this year as it would have been our first and we were very excited. Now we have to anxiously await next June. Hopefully the fish just got bigger!

  3. Dave Chapman

    Andy you your crew have way to much fun!! Missing loch inland here in Michigan.

  4. T Alan Janik

    As a Canadian, I’m one of the lucky ones this year. Came up to Lochalsh by myself this past June and had a great time. Weather was perfect, service and food was great, and I had a wonderful time helping out a bit shellacing boats! Fishing was really good too!
    I was also lucky enough to be able to come up a second time. Came up in late August into early September, this time with my buddy Dennis. Although the weather did not cooperate, we enjoyed the trip and the camaraderie with Andy, Elorah, Ryan, Cassandra, Taylor and Jamie (hope I did not forget anyone – old age!). The “hurricane” in September was a hi-lite! Dennis and I are counting the days until our June 2021 and August 2021 trips.
    God bless and stay safe.


    It was very painful not being able to come up there this year! Hopefully we will see you in the spring JOE VIZZI


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