Never Ever Disappoints.

pros & cons??? if you are reading this review you will not encounter any cons. without question I’m truly envious of anybody who is able to stay there the entire season. packing up & leaving is always the toughest. as a young angler I use to dream of going to a place like this & its safe to say my dreams are now a reality as an adult. LOCH ISLAND LODGE on WABATONGUSHI delivers world class walleye & pike fishing. there is always somebody in ” ready mode ” to assist you with all the services the lodge has to offer. there was one spring we went my buddy neglect to bring the proper tackle & thankfully the lodge is/was fully equipped with a wide variety of fishing tackle. all high quality gear from professional brands you would find at BASS PRO or CANADIAN TIRE : ) funny…even though there are days when mother nature is doing all she can to ruin your trip, its been proven to me that’s when the fishing really comes alive. all of my biggest fish were caught when it was rainy, windy & cloudy. oh ya…remember, your in/on the largest wild game preserve on the planet so keep an eye out. I was lucky enough to see an eastern cougar…are really rare sight one morning. this truly has become one of my homes away from homes : )

Brandon F.