The Early Rates are out for 2023!

I know we are a bid tardy on getting our “early” rates out, but here it is below! With all the building this fall, we just returned to our winter shelter a few days ago. Snow is beginning to blanket the lake and very soon ice will begin to form. You can monitor the ice forming from one of our two lake live cameras at Camp Lochalsh. Click here to view them. Our first sport show is only two months away!

We are in full 2023 mode now, hiring our staff, taking reservations and planning for what we may need for next summer. Between all of that, it’s also a great time to decompress.

We are filling up quickly with return guests, so if you have a specific date in mind for next year, it would be wise to check with us to see if it’s still open. Call or e-mail and we’ll get you in the book!

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Click below image to download 2023 Early Flyer! (Due by Dec 31st, 2022)…

Click to download the 2023 Early Flyer
Click to download the 2023 Early Flyer

One thought on “The Early Rates are out for 2023!

  1. Dave Chapman

    What Michigan shows you doing for 2023.


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