A little Guitar, and we’re Knot kidding!

We’re sending out a song and a story this weekend!

Some of you might remember John Legg, who worked with us back in 2012. John is from London (England, not Ontario!) originally and now lives in Toronto. He’s an amazing guitarist and would often entertain us on Loch Island. His chill vibe was contagious and we still miss him playing guitar on the deck at dinner time. Now John is teaching guitar in Toronto. He sent us a little sample with well wishes during these odd times. Enjoy!  (After the video, continue with reading the story below…)

And now for something completely different! We got a wonderful e-mail from Deb Jaroneski last week. Deb was up last summer with her husband, son, and nephew. She  sent an interesting picture that we don’t usually get from guests.

First, all of you that have visited us in the past are aware of our dock service on Loch Island. When you boat in to the docks, our dockhands are the first to greet you. Once they guide you into the appropriate dock space, they always tie “the knot.” This is one of our little extra specialties at camp that we often overlook, but guests always comment on. The knot is simple. It looks like a long braid, and after a little practice, it’s one of the best knots we’ve used. It never comes loose (when tied correctly) and unties super easy. Deb’s son and his cousin were very intrigued by the process of tying this knot. After much practice, they too mastered our knot! She had just come across a picture they had taken of the knot and wanted to pass it on to us.

Deb was so impressed that a simple knot had the power to, just for a little while, keep the kids away from their phones and the internet! A great story and in these times, a very important message to remember. Sometimes, the little things in life become the most memorable. That’s something we take for granted everyday.

So, next time you visit us, have a dockhand teach you a knot, or how to fillet a Northern Pike boneless or cook a shore lunch over an open fire. You’ll be happy you did and I’m knot kidding! Take care!

Deb Jaroneski, perfect tie knot!
Deb Jaroneski, perfect tie knot!

Hope to see everyone up at the lake very soon,
— Andy & Amy

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