Patterson Bay Adventures

This July, we explored the shoreline along Patterson Bay on the southern end of Wabatongushi Lake. There are a few plunging rock faces visible between the trees, and we became curious enough to stomp our way through the thick boreal brush to take a closer look. As we travelled inward, we discovered that there are more rock faces hidden within the trees, and that the rocks look like a long-overgrown fort, complete with a “turret.” It was a great way to spend the afternoon, and the views were, as always, stunning. Enjoy the photos!

A calm inlet near Patterson Bay
A calm inlet near Patterson Bay was the beginning of our hike


Patterson Bay Rock Face
One of the rock faces hidden in the woods near Patterson Bay (with Eric for scale)


Patterson Bay- The Turret
The “turret” at the top of the rock face in Patterson Bay


Patterson Bay- View from the Top
The view from the top of the rock face near Patterson Bay

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