Happy New Year From Loch Island!

2017 Loch Island Lodge Staff
2017 Loch Island Lodge Staff (A few absentees went fishing)

It seems like we were out on the lake just yesterday, enjoying sunny skies, shore lunch, and unparalleled fishing. As most of us have been plunged into freezing temperatures and snowstorms, imagining the perfect day on Wabatongushi Lake is the best escape, and soon enough it’ll be time to head back up to the lodge to open for 2018!

We welcomed several new employees this year (a few were out fishing while we took our group photo). We also met many new guests who we hope to see for seasons to come–– it’s our pleasure to introduce others to the beauty of the Chapleau Game Preserve and our fishing and sightseeing opportunities on Wabatongushi and the portage lakes. We are glad to see our longtime guests year after year, and we know that they will find new spots each season to keep the thrill of fishing alive! We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year, and we’ll see you soon.


We’re sure you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions already. Are any of them about fishing? With boats on numerous portage lakes, we offer more than just walleye and pike fishing, so it’s a great time to try catching smallmouth bass, speckled trout, perch, or burbot! We also have two hiking trails cleared out and marked, so if you made a resolution to exercise more, you can do that at Loch Island! We’ll all be going for the trophy pike and walleye ourselves, but we’ll be sure to leave them in the lake for everyone else. Conservation is foremost in our practices, as our resolution is to keep the Chapleau Game Preserve pristine for seasons to come. Unfortunately, if you made a resolution to eat less dessert, we may not be able to help you…there will be plenty of apple pie, lemon meringue pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, trifle, tarts, and every other one of Marlene’s specialties served in the dining room, as always.

If you made a resolution to get outdoors in 2018, we’ll be waiting for you to visit us on Wabatongushi Lake!

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